Pre Sex Anxiety

I got out of a 10+ relationship. The woman I was with was only the 3rd person I’ve ever had sex with. It’s now been a year since ending that relationship. I’ve been dating my current girlfriend for 4 months. I still get bad anxiety hours before I know we are going to have sex. I get this uneasy feeling in my chest and I don’t know why. I started taking pills to help get hard and stay hard during sex. It worked for awhile but now not so much. Which gives me more anxiety because I don’t know if the pills are going to work or not when it’s time to have sex. I talked to my girlfriend about it for the first time last night. She says it’s okay. That we are human and some nights it’s just not going to happen. That made me feel better but I still have anxiety about it. I’ve had anxiety all day thinking about the next time we go to have sex that I won’t be able to get hard or stay hard.

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Coming out of a long term relationship and starting dating again can be a very anxious time. Using Mojo you will learn about what is going on in your head and body. The exercises will build your confidence on your own and you will understand what you need to relax and hopefully you will be able to keep communicating with your gf about this, which will be helpful for her and she will feel more confident about the situation.