Pornography use

So has anyone dealt with Ed in the bedroom because of too much porn use when you were younger? I’ve been free from using porn for over 2 yrs now and still dealing with Ed issues. I work out and eat super healthy every day and have many erections every night and still dealing with this. Is anyone else having any issues with this?

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I’m currently trying to stop porn after a decade of usage. Often masturbating until it hurt. Are you still having issues now this year??

I have occasionally experienced issues with erection quality / finishing during sex- an issue that I believe stems from my regular porn use during masturbation since the age of 10 or so (28 currently). This year I am finally trying to treat this issue. I experience fewer problems getting hard with a partner, but notice that I have lost my body’s ability to wake up erect. I start the day feeling very detached from my body and its natural rhythm. I believe the fact that I rarely ever masturbated without porn weakened my body’s ability to respond to other stimuli. Currently trying to repair this issue- you’re not alone. Best of luck in treating your situation!

I got very used to masturbating with porn and like for other users it’s impacted my ability to get erections and to ejaculate during sex.

I tried the porn course on this site and it highlights that the body can become conditioned to erections from porn use (the specific way you touch yourself and the visual stimulation). When you engage in a real sexual encounter the body can be less sensitive to things like touch, smell and taste.

Personally I don’t think there’s anything wrong with porn, but i have stopped using it and I’m trying to condition my body to get used to sex with my partner now. Hopefully in time my erection issues will get resolved.

Maybe you could try the meditations on the site to get out of your head when you’re with your partner?

How’s the progress going? How you trying the Fortify Program?