Poppers / Amyl nitrate

Hi. Does anyone use these to help get harder or maintain an erection? Are they legal? (UK.) And does anyone know of possible side effects?
Lots of questions: please be aware that I won’t act as if any comments or opinions are medically factual, or act on them accordingly.
The risk is with me. I’m just interested in what others might know. I know literally nothing about them.

Poppers do one of two things for me. When I jerk off on my own, I use poppers when I’m close to cumming to intensify my orgasm. But if I use them while having penetrative sex, I lose my erection because I get caught up in the euphoric rush. Not the case for everyone but I hear that does happen to other guys I know who use poppers

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@extensive-tan-eel Thanks mate. That’s interesting to know. I had no idea about poppers so it’s good to get some inside knowledge. Cheers for replying and sharing your experience :+1:

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A lot of us gay men who bottom use poppers as a muscle relaxant also. It apparently relaxes the anal sphincter to make penetration easier.

I don’t bottom, and the one time I tried poppers, I hated it because it felt like I was killing brain cells, lol–it was similar to the feeling I get when I hold my breath for too long. I never got far enough with them to see if it intensified orgasm, though I know guys who claim it intensifies the whole sexual experience for them, not just orgasm, giving them a stronger erection.

The muscle relaxant properties though, which this post reminds me of, makes me want to try one or three again to see if it would affect my erection. Ultimately, though, I agree with Mojo’s line that chemically treating ED isn’t a good route to rely on.

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@automatic-cyan-xerinae Thanks for this. :+1: I had no idea about any of this so it’s been helpful. Hope things work out well for you. And here’s to this helpful community. Cheers!