PE affecting my mood

I’ve been with the same girl for a little over 2 years now. We’re both 22 and I have a very high sex drive. If I could have sex every day I would. But it’s once, maybe twice a month with her and she tells me she just doesn’t feel it but it honestly feels like it’s because I have PE (less than a minute almost always) and it always leaves me upset and feeling like it’s on me or my fault. We haven’t had sex in about 3 weeks and I started this app about a week and a half ago. Then last night we had sex in the shower and I came in 10 seconds tops, she said it was fine and was great how it was. She says this but it’s hard for me to believe.

You’re not alone. Also seeing if this app helped any of you.


Everything will be fine, my friend.


Trust your partner, they right person will understand. I am in a similar situation, when you get to let go of worrying whether they are bothered by it, it can really help. Maybe by finding pleasure maybe not the PIV but other manners