No matter what nothing works

so this started a year or so ago,i can get hard and stay hard when by myself to jack off to porn or no porn but cannot get hard when with my wife either getting oral or any other foreplay to try and have my mind in the moment.ive been to doctor to make sure i have no other issues! ive taken a daily cialas prescribed by doctor for 2 months now and everything is still the same…it WILL NOT get hard no matter what,and before it went like this it was up and down for awhile but i could finally get hard and get off but now its just nothing im very frustrated about it,i want to get off with my partner instead of jacking off…i dont know what to do

Give up porn bro


Definitely porn is one of the WORST things and a HUGE reason


Are you able to get off when thinking about your wife, as opposed to porn or fantasising about whatever it is you use when solo? I’m thinking maybe try and use images of your wife as the stimulus and help contextualise things when you’re doing it with her :man_shrugging:t2:

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So I have similar issue. I am not sure if it is good advice or not since I am still struggling with it myself but here it is.If you don’t have any medical issues, the pills work fine, I’ve taken some myself and can’t get it up when it matters. The reason is these kinds of pills start to do their thing when you are horny. If you are stressed during intercourse you most likely won’t get horny and that is why the pills don’t work. The way I personally approach the issue is that I try to stop watching porn. It distances you from intimacy and by watching other people doing it in situations, you likely won’t find yourself doing it. If you can’t quit it try instead of watching to read some smut or something. Also, give yourself some time off jerking, if you cant try edging without cumming .And lastly if you are nervous, have a glass of whiskey or something(no more) before sex or in my case I try with pills based on herbs like valeriana and mint (but I can’t get the dosage right yet since I am still nervous myself hah). Any way that is what I’ve been trying. If you think it would help give it a shot. Also box breathing before the act works for calming a little, not for everyone though.