Nitric oxide booster supplements

I am in my 60’s, so between the age and health factors, I have physical ED issues. However, I know I have psychological ED as well. Even with Viagra, I have had issues. So, now when my wife and I are getting ready for sex, I get anxious and experience the self talk issue which is why I joined Mojo. But I’m wondering if anyone has found success utilizing a Nitric Oxide booster supplement to boost blood flow?

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iam as well interested in the booster. is that the injection?

Hi. No, it is not an injection. They are supplement pills/caplets much like a vitamin. I have been taking them for a few weeks, but I can’t say that I’ve noticed any affects. Long ago I no longer got “morning wood”, or nocturnal erections. I thought that if these do help with blood flow, then perhaps a return of morning erections might be an indicator. So far, no change. I’m on the fence about continuing them.

What part of the world do you live? I’m from the state of Wisconsin in the U.S.


E New York

Thanks. If you find tactics that work for you, please let me know.