Has anyone with my problem able to fix them with mojo?

  1. I still remember the very first time I want to have sex, I can get max erection but maybe due to inexperienced I couldnt put it in, and the erection goes away within 1 minute after failure :face_in_clouds:

  2. But if I managed to put it in, I can maintain it until my wife got her ejaculation, the longest I keep pumping while holding my ejaculation is around 30 minutes ( brother and sister, let me tell you guys, when Johnny is IN, I will never pull it out before all business has been settled, because I have experiencing having sex and it was all okay until I pull it out and change position, and my Johnny went flaccid outside, lessons learnt , once In dont pull out unless it is done ) :sob:

  3. I love watching porn, and I usually masturbate while holding my ejaculation ( usually 30 minutes - 1 hour per session ), but I have also tried abstain from porn and masturbation for months, but still when its time to have sex I could not get an erection hard enough to do the insertion ( 90% can not, 10% can )

  4. If I consume some β€œherbal” suplement. That i believe has some kind of performance enhancing substance, then I have absolutely no problem getting an erection to perform the insertion

  5. My wife is very beautiful, she is very hot, God damn it why I cant have a raging boner when it comes to finally doing the insertion .

  6. I have stress running my company

  7. Right now, I may have tried to avoid sex , it is such a challenge. ( unless I am consuming my supplement, right now the supplement is already finish and I have not purchased it again )

Am I alone? Has anybody with my symptoms fix them with Mojo?

Thanks a bunch ( my first time ever talking about my ed on Internet, please be tender with me )

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I just started here so I don’t know if it’s going to help or not. Can I ask what supplement you are using that works so well?