New onset of ED with wife at 50

I’m at a loss as to what is happening. For years, I’ve been able to have and maintain an erection but a couple of months after I turned 50, I have had continual issues. This past week I tried, but all I could be was very limp with a weak attempt at penetration. Like anyone else with this issue I’ve become frustrated and confused. I have erections when sleeping and masturbating but when it’s time to have sex, I’m unable to perform. I’ve been doing Wim Hoff breathing and reverse kegels yet, I guess I’m still worked up. The bonus to all this is if I’m able to maintain an erection I’m prematurely ejaculating. So, I have anxiety now about having an erection with my wife and if I do, then I’m finished before the race even started. I’ve done some mojo work but I’m really considering meds. My wife has been very supportive but due to our work schedules and family life, we only have small windows to work on this. Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve had a similar experience but I’m a bit over 65. A few months ago we were at a lake house - had great sex one morning. Since then partial erections at best. Strong enough to get off with oral and manual sex, but not enough to penetrate.

I’ll add that I am under a good bit of stress at work and suffer from depression. Since I started with this program (in phase 4 now), I’ve been able to control negative feelings and constant thoughts about issues at work. These inner thoughts are actually stronger than what I see described as an inner critic, but inner coaching seems to help.

I’m learning to be more positive, focus on feelings and sensations, mostly to not put so much pressure on my self to perform and to try and make something happen.

There are other ways to give pleasure and my wife seems to be quite patient.

Thank you for your response. Hearing this helps

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