New member, issues maintainin erection/going soft

Hi all,
I’m wondering what my issue is and how to overcome. Hoping for anyone with experience to shed some light.

I’m 42 years old male, and I’ve noticed in the last year or so, I go soft when I’m my wife is on top.

Cowgirl position used to be my most desired position.
But lately it goes limp… I don’t seem to have much issues being in the doggystyle position or missionary.

My sexual desire isn’t that great, (may have been months side we last did it)
With regards to porn, I do look at it here and there but notice my erections aren’t as hard or upright as it used to.

I’m not sure if this is an 1.) Age issue, where most men at this age won’t be as hard as say a man in his 20s (we weren’t design to breed at an old age?) or 2.) phycological issue, obviously your partner isn’t as attractive as they were 20 years ago, or 3.) physical/circulation issue … given the blood flow, the penis upright whilst lying down as opposed to standing or kneeling.

I’ve just started this program and I hope it can also assist me.

Thank you all



I started a week ago. I’m learning as I go as well what are causing my issues. I think the program is to help you cover all your bases from psychological to pelvic health related. I plan on having my testosterone checked at well. I’m 36.

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There’s a lot of great things (tips, videos, exercises) here. And try them all. I’ve found a lot of help here with you can too. Plus there’s no judgement and moving at your own pace.