Need help pinpointing my issue


I’ve read a lot of you guys stories and feel for you all. I’ve got my own and can’t figure out what’s what.

I had a totally normal sex life, no concerns and physical issues at all ever. I the. Had a fall landing heavily on my left side of pelvis. Thought nothing of it, b it woke up the next day and my genitals and legs felt different, looked different, and didn’t work.

A few months down the line and I see glimmers of hope with erections just about enough for sex or masturbation but I seem to have lost my morning wood, psychogenic erections are harder to achieve and take longer, as do reflex erections.

Even my flaccid state penis is more flimsy, empty, thinner looking, shorter looking and my legs are also affected mildly.

It’s hard to say if things have improved or if I’ve just mastered slight improvement through pelvic floor exercises, mojo, nitric oxide, and blood flow supplements etc.

I have pain, or bowel/bladder issues apart from needing to urinate more frequently at first.

Needless to say if there weren’t any physiological issues to begin with im battling them now.

I have an urology appt soon, and expect maybe a neurology referral too.

Does this sound completely physical ?