My story, I'm new here and hoping to find something

I’m 67. I had a great sex life with my wife until she became ill. She needed surgeries. There were long periods without sex. Then we could do it again until I could see it was painful for her. After that, she got cancer, went through a lot and our sex life was permanently over. After she died, I met someone as wonderful. We’ve been together six years, and things were pretty good until about four weeks ago.

Now, there were times in both relationships when I just didn’t have it. They were always over within a week. It was usually easy to connect those with some work stress or tiredness.

I’m healthy, my doctor agrees. I exercise. I feel good, except for the tension of the blue balls. I drink maybe four beers a week. No other drugs. I don’t do porn. I like my work most days. On paper, I’m a clean-living f-in miracle.

So how did this just leave like a midnight train? Gone. Not the desire, just the ability.

Only one thing comes to mind: my daughter has never liked the fact of my current relationship. About one week before the Troubles started, she really ripped into me about it, her birthday present to me. Went to the level of attacking my character. But she has done that once or twice a year since I met my Lady, so that doesn’t add up.

I hope this wasn’t too much whining. I don’t mean to. It’s just my story.