Morning wood but can’t stay hard in sex

This is really getting to me now as my partner has tried to have sex with me 3 times and all 3 times I couldn’t get hard. But then the next day I get morning wood so I’m like okay I’m good. We go at it again and I just couldn’t stay hard. I can still satisfy her needs. But I feel like if I don’t get this sorted she is just gonna leave.


It’s happened to me in the past. Its going to sound bad, but in the short term take a shot of something hard then try. It’s never let me down. Not to get drunk. It takes the edge off.

Okay I may give that a go. How long before would you normally do it

In my opinion not long while working the mojo program. I’ve used pills in the past and for me when I’m in a bad place a shot or two worked better then pills. It’s not something to do in the longterm. Our problems are in our head. So for me it’s just another tool in the tool box


10 to 20 minutes before hand

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Yeah bro I tired using pill once and I can’t lie think it made it worse just couldn’t get hard at all. And yeah true

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This is exactly my problem, I wake up with an erection multiple times in the night and morning but I’m getting to the point where it’s difficult to even get hard by myself unless I’m sleeping. I do notice that when I get up in the night with an erection to go to the bathroom after about three steps it goes down but yet if I just lay there it stays hard. So I still am wondering if I’ve got some blood flow issues but I’m pretty sure that most of it is in my head. PS - taking a shot of booze does not work for me, nor do the pills. TriMix does but I’m not a fan of the shot, nor the pills for that matter. That is why I’m here.

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Just today I think I’ve finally figured this out.

Before- I would be so anxious about sex (body mostly) that I’d lose an erection any time my wife was waiting and ready to go. Too nervous; couldn’t get hard on demand.

Then I resorted to waiting for a morning wood (or more often a midnight wood)… this DOESNT work for me.

I’d wake up hard, get close in, we’d start foreplay, and I’d go soft. She’d be upset that I woke her up and couldn’t follow through.

Week or so later I’d wake up hard in the middle of the night, then try to rush into sex as fast as possible. This didn’t really solve it either. Only worked once. She was again mostly upset at waking her up and not following through.

Other times I’d wake up hard, would lie there for a half hour without intent of bothering her, and would stay rock hard the whole time.

Other times I’d wake up hard, and just the thought of “next move” and I’d go soft.

Other times I’d wake up hard, would go pee, and then lose it fast.

All that to say (I put it together about 6 hours ago)… it’s all in my head, NOT my body.

I can’t “fake” my way into an erection or good sex. There’s not a workaround for me.

We get Morning Wood because we’re relaxed. Uninhibited. Good thoughts only.

I’ve learned that I need to stop rushing to take my way into an erection. It hasn’t worked.

The way to do it is to be in the moment, relaxed, and enjoying it.

For me, as mushy gushy as it sounds… that happens when I get confirmation from her. That she wants me.

I’ve stopped trying to force my way into turning Morning Wood into sex and instead just snuggled close, relaxed my breathing, cuddled, and thought good things about my wife. That’s a turn on.

This shouldn’t be so profound for me, but basically being close and loving my wife is the turn on. That’s the way that I get closer and feel good and relaxed and make things happen.

Like a big “duh” moment for me, but I can’t lie to my body. Relax, feel the love, enjoy your person.


What is trifix

Trimix is a compounded penile injection therapy medication consisting of papaverine, phentolamine, and alprostadil used to treat erectile dysfunction. Works amazing but I’m tired of shots and want natural solutions which means I have to get out of my head. But when I want to really bang one out, it’s nice to know it’s right there.

It just confirms that it’s %100 in your head and your penis works perfectly fine. I’d just say to keep working on your mind and not rushing things

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