Mentally so neutral

I think my gf is hot and sexy and I care for her so deeply as I still find myself getting jealous or wanting to be around her and loving on her etc but it feels like when it comes time to it i can never get excited enough. We discuss things but now she’s asking me why I can’t get it up the last 3 times and it’s making her feel like it’s her when I know it’s my overthinking. I’m using royal honey now to help stay to ease the nerves of losing the erection. I obviously don’t wanna rely on it.

I think it’s just a worry thing cause I get erections with porn no problem and I think it’s cause when I’m alone I don’t have ti worry about resentment from a partner. I wanna feel more confident and excited to fuck her. I wanna feel like she’s crazy for me but maybe that’s too much to ask? She says she is but maybe it’s just not the way I feel like it should be? She rarely initiates and when I do she’s often tired or not in the mood, so I find it hard to believe leading me to not be able to get excited or lose interest fast.


First of all, cut out porn completely starting today. I would also suggest stoping masturbation. Then follow Mojo program and do it every day, if needed multiple times a day.
Porn can be very destructive to your brain, as you wire it to think the real life experience is the same, when in reality it is not. Porn is fake as it is acting. It will take a while, but doing Mojo for 6-9 months should help you.


Total agreement on cutting out porn. Check out the sessions about porn in Resources on this app

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