Meditation - Mojo or other apps

Hi All,

I’ve explored some of the meditations on this app and like many of them. Are there any that you find particularly helpful? Also curious if there are other meditations apps or meditation styles that anyone has had good results with.

I’ve tried the body scan meditation here which I think is really good, and is also similar to many yoga nidra recordings I’ve used. Has anyone here used yoga nidra daily for a length of time and seen notable improvements? If so, how long were you practicing this and what improvements did you see?

Thanks a bunch. Best wishes for all of you out there.


I’ve used the Waking Up app for a few years and love it. Great for deeper explorations of meditation.

I’ve done yoga nidra/NSDR practices consistently at times, find it useful for mood and concentration. I use the free app Insight Timer for this, I like the ones from Ally Boothroyd.
I haven’t used it specifically for E.D so can’t comment on that but it does help with relaxation and reduces anxiety so imagine it could help.