Medical Problem

I am at the end of my rope. I think I have something wrong with me. My fiancée and I have always been very passionate. Now within the past month and half or so when I get an erection and get ready to have sex I can feel my blood pressure shoot up, my face turns red, my eyes go blood shot red and I lose my erection. It’s killing us.

I need suggestions asap.

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So, I hope this is helpful. I went through something similar two years ago. Bottom line? I was fat. 5’10 280lbs I would hyperventilate for 15-20 min sometimes after a min of thrusting, and lose my erection, before I could even climax. My wife even called an ambulance once thinking I was having a heart attack. Long and short of it -I went to see a doctor. I was pre-diabetic, with high blood pressure, and like I said, fat! So, I got serious about my weight. I changed my diet got some excercise (intercourse is great cardio even the attempt) and now, I’m now 230lbs still fat but I can at least SEE my penis . Lesson, your body is telling you something. Sex may be man’s greatest pleasure. Get healthy enough for it my friend.

Thanks but that’s definitely not my issue. I don’t know what my deal is.

Always a good idea to have a medical check if you notice something changing. Then you can rule out any physical things.