Medcinal marijuana or alcohol

Hi there.

So i’m here for the same reason you guys are. I’m recently married (2 months), and Mr happy has lost his zing. We had a great deal of stress approaching the wedding, and the honeymoon was difficult due to some tightness issues with my wife, which is kinda when it started for me. She has managed to resolve the tightness with some pelvic floor exercises and now we can have proper sex. (Seriously, to any guys who have a wife with Vaginismus, get her to see a pelvic floor specialist asap) However my erections are about as reliable as the weatherman at the moment.

I really feel for my wife because she feels i’m not attracted to her and that “how can this be so early in our marriage.” I love her so much and she is a beautiful woman so attraction is definitely not the problem there. I’ve tried viagra which only works sometime and i’ve stopped drinking alcohol (due to it supposedly causing ED, was never a big drinker to begin with).

It’s an intermittent issue, I’ll be able to get it up and strong one night, and we’ll have a great time, sometimes even twice!! Then next night, nothing. Even when she jerks it off it goes soft in her hand. Really makes me feel like crap.

So i was thinking, seeing as my problem is psychological, would there be a problem having a few drinks beforehand to calm me down and try to get me in the right headspace?? OR has anyone tried medicinal weed with good effect? Ideally i’d like to avoid relying on any external stimuli, but i really want a backup plan for when we’re in the mood.

Thanks folks

I’m not sure I’d go the marijuana route. That’s the very reason I’m here right now. I started using it and it was awesome, over time, you start using more and more and than you can only do it with marijuana. Now it has brought a lot of problems to my professional and personal life so I decided to quit it for good. And guess what? My dopamine receptors are so numb I can’t get hard, I can see the most beautiful woman naked in front of me and not feel horny. As for alcohol, a light dose may help you loosen up a bit.

Thanks mate. Yeah ok i definitely don’t want that to happen. I have the occasional viagra if i’m feeling particularly tired but i don’t want to rely on that for the same reason. My problem is purely emotional, i worry about not being able to satisfy her and then that inner critic starts to voice up.

Keep pushing through on the app. The idea is that you have to work on not letting your inner critic get in your head. There isn’t a quick fix, it takes time and effort, so having a “backup plan” of having a drink shouldn’t be the goal here. The goal is to work through the psychological block you have sometimes. Practice the breathing exercises and celebrate your successes. You got this man