Low Libido Advice?

Is there any resources/advice about Low Libido?

Hey, we don’t currently have a course for this, but we will include your anonymous question in our Ask an Expert Live session on 28 July at 6pm (BST). This session is run by Silva Neves, a world-renowned Psychosexual Therapist. You can find this session in your events.

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It would be great to have some advise on this. I have lost my desire for sex with my wife and apart from the obvious things like the kids might hear us etc, I don’t know why. This in itself is adding to anxiety that then reinforces the issue. It is creating difficulties in our marriage. If anyone has any advise I would love to hear it.


Any progress on this? I am experiencing this too, not sure if it’s medication or thejust constant let down from the performance anxiety that’s made me lose interest.

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Hey guys,

I asked this question during the expert exchange and expert listed some of the possible reasons and solutions


  • Low testosterone
    • Take 3 tests throughout the day to check
  • Over familiarity with partner
    • Try spicing things up in the relationship
  • You just naturally have Low Libido.
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Of the three possible causes listed above I’m not quite sure if any relate unfortunately.

I tried the testosterone test (only one blood sample TBF) which was recommended by my GP who said my results are “normal”.

I’ve read exercising (Lifting) can boost testosterone and I was very active before lockdown when I had no problems. I’ve started back at the gym since they have reopened but no luck yet getting back to where I was.

Over familiarity is a good possibility but then again I have no desire or interest in porn or finding another sexual partner.

And I’m positive my libido was much higher before lockdown so I don’t think it’s my natural level of libido.

Any other advice would be much appreciated.

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Hey guys,

For those of you that couldn’t make Ask an Expert Live, here is a clip from the session:

We have another session on Wednesday 11 August, 18:00 BST - please join if you can!


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I wasn’t too satisfied with the experts answer…all I heard was get Testosterone tested or to try a new “thing” w partner. I was expecting a bit more indepth or actions I can take to start building up the libido.

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Loads of psychological conditions can affect libido right? If you are suffering with lower levels of desire (pre vs post lockdown etc) and this is lower across the board, not just when it’s sex with a very familiar person, then it could be related to depression or other mental health issues arising from lockdown?

My own sex life with my partner is very routine, which isn’t my choice but mostly circumstantial, though it doesn’t bother her. It’s hard to get excited for that, so the new “thing” suggestion would help in those situations? But otherwise it’s needing to be stress free and relaxed to get in the mood perhaps?

Hey, is there any update on this please? Still experiencing this issue.

I’ve noticed when I occasionally erections (morning, random) that my penis has very low sensitivity (can’t sense most light/medium touch)

My doctor prescribed cabergoline to help my ED. Though he explained it’s used to increase libido which may then have a positive effect on ED. There was nothing wrong with my libido, so I can’t comment on its effectiveness. I’ve only just started taking it. Might be worth discussing with your doctor.

Thanks, I’ve been trying to avoid taking any form of medication.

I’ve had some success by eating Brazil nuts, dark leafy greens, eggs, drinking more water, and started running. After reading an article on here about nutrition.