Losing my virginity and coming to grips with my performance issues

Hello all, I just lost my virginity this past week after a 1st date I went on. I am 29 years old and really had to work on myself for a long time to attain the qualities that make a man attractive. She is a really feminine, beautiful and submissive girl, and most importantly she was really into me and thinks Iā€™m sexy and desirable. I just could not get pleasure or stay hard from head. She was very kind and understanding which I was grateful for, but I was so disappointed in myself. We went out to get some male enhancement pills from the local walgreens, it helped some. I was able to give it to her for about 10 minutes, but could not climax. I never thought I would have this issue, I have no problems getting hard and still get random erections throughout the day sometimes. It is hard to admit that I have had a porn addiction for a long time and that it has undoubtedly affected my performance, training my mind and body to be aroused by a virtual source instead of an actual person. I hope I can converse will people that have had similar issues and work together to overcome it.

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