Lifelong PE Advice

Has the title states my girlfriend expressed some issues very politely with me not lasting long enough I downloaded mojo due to performance anxiety and ed troubles but now that that’s out the way I’m having severe trouble lasting. My girlfriend loves riding and I can only last in that position around 30 secs or so my PE is so bad I can’t take it anymore has anyone seen any results with lifelong PE from Mojo? I love this woman so much and I’m planning on marrying her my relationship with her is otherwise perfect I don’t want to lose her because I can’t fuck her long enough pls help me


Following. My wife also wants to be able to go and move how she wants to and it gives me PE. If I control the pace I can last but she wants to go wild.

I know it’s possible… I’ve had the experience before where my penis stayed hard but I was not that aware of sensation, just felt kinda good down there.

Now when she goes it feels way too good and I can’t last 10 seconds once she starts going.

Has anyone used this app successfully to master this?

Also interested in the solutions and asweres.

I’m also interested in hearing response hear. It great to learn techniques like the start stop method. But is that really ejaculation control? Especially when your women wants to keep going and you need to pause every now and then.