Libido and erections after breakup

Any advice or tips for regaining libido and erection consistency after a breakup?

I’m in the same boat. No sex drive at all at the moment. Even alone let alone with another woman. I’m confident it will return in time after I’ve processed the break up so I’m sure yours will too. Good luck brother :muscle:

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Time …… get on with life and things you enjoy - it’s basically grief I reckon and there’s no rushing it denying it.

Hey man I was in the similar situation I broke up with an ex about two months ago that I’ve known for 6 and dated for two years. Best advice is time…. Also surround yourself with people you enjoy being with, do hobbies you love. Meditate was a big one for me. I my libido also tanked…. Since I’m pretty social I eventually met a new girl and after some time she came back to my place and I couldn’t get it up…. She understood and been seeing each other ever since.

Give it time brother and try to not stress about it take it easy

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