Break up and lack of confidence

Years ago I struggle with Ed but I got Viagra and it worked amazing I would use it for the first time sleeping with women and after I got comfortable I was fine
I started dating this girl we had sex on average
2 times daily
Barely any issues
Now I’m back in the dating world
I have her constantly on my mind while trying to be with another women so not only did I have her on my mind but I also had flash backs of other times where I failed
To over come it I had to touch myself to get erect but now its scary to see other women because I don’t want to have to do that to get in the mood
Has anyone experienced similar problems?

I feel like my overall libido is low

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@glad-brown-squid sorry you are going through a rough patch. I definitely experienced similar problems after my divorce. It was a rough time with my ex having an affair with a friend. I am actually glad to be free from the relationship but the mind plays tricks on me. I had a couple situations that weren’t the best early in dating and sex. It made me hesitate to keep engaging with women out of fear.

That being said I did a lot of what Mojo offered and even saw a sex counselor and physical therapist who specialized in men’s health. All of this built my confidence back up and the understanding of things really helped me.

One last thing to share, it sounds like you have some emotions related to your relationship ending. This is totally normal and I hope you can give yourself some grace in all this. It’s ok to take some time to process and heal.

Good luck!