A new low in my dating life after "progress"

My partner from the last few months has just broken up with me stating that she loves my company but doesn’t feel a spark. This talk came right after I failed to get hard for the 4th time out of the last 5 attempts. I have been using mojo for just over a week and doing everything I can. I felt calm mentally going into sex, I was even rock hard for seconds on two occasions but my dick won’t play ball. For the second consecutive relationship, I can’t help but feel that my ED has played a significant role in the breakdown. I had very strong feelings for this girl. I have never posted on here before but any advice on how to proceed would be much appreciated


Have you tried Viagra? My first sexual relationship began with issues you’re facing and I tried it and that night was great. Only ever used it for fun a couple times after that. The confidence that gave me and no longer watching porn/masturbating due to the sexual stimulation I was getting regularly from her meant I had a much better time in the bedroom with her for a long time before the relationship ended.


Hey, be kind to yourself. This is a journey with ups and downs. I’ve had situations where I couldn’t get hard, regardless of what we did and others where I had no issue. No one size fits all approach and try different things - the mental exercises, diet, cutting back on porn and most critically…give yourself time (more than week)

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