ED post break up is it normal?

Hey y’all im a 27 year old male and I’ve never had erection issues until a month and a half ago, I recently broke up with an ex of two years.

I’m pretty in tune when it comes to my body, but I have low libido at the moment after doing some digging I think my serotonin levels just took a nose dive and cortisol spiked because I’ve recently have had trouble sleeping which is an indicator. Mixed with a break up the result is that the Johnson won’t get up lol.

have a great time interacting with friends, going to the gym doing yoga, since I’m a pretty social person I’ve been interacting with a new girl who’s very into me, we kicked it off pretty well. After hanging out couple times she came back to my place and I couldn’t get an erection, I eventually played it off and ended up taking care of her needs. She ended up staying at my place for a weekend and I was only able to get good erections twice out of those days and we’d have sex probably 3 times a day. She was very supportive and understood my situation. she also assured me that it will fixed with time.

Anyway I’m pretty sure it’s me being in my head since I highly doubt it’s physical since I’m in good shape.

I would love to hear y’all’s thoughts.



Hello, I am having a similar sort of issue. December 2022 I was dumped by my ex girlfriend of 4 years. I was fine with girls for about 4 months, then I had a problem getting it up one time and it spiralled out of control.

So yes, I think it’s normal

Hoping this app will help me tho

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Out of curiosity have things improved since ? I plan on seeing a doctor this upcoming Wednesday and explain him my situation

My ED also happened out after getting dumped and then me burying myself with too many things to hide from feelings and stressing myself in the process.