It was all going well until

It was all going really well until it went soft while having sex. I’ve struggled with ed problems on and off for as long as I can remember and I know it’s all in my head. I really thought I turned a corner but then it happened again, luckily My partner is fantastic and very supportive.
Sex between us is great and I satisfy her every time, but I feel like I’ve let her down and I am super self critical. Thoughts that she’ll eventually get frustrated with me or get insecure about my problem and go off me are hard to keep in check. I find my problem comes and goes and follows my self confidence. How do you get yourself back into that confident frame of mind after going soft again?


I think we need to be kind to ourselves- we are not mechanical and we are not looking at a one off permanent fix situation - it’s complex and changes from day to day - so we’re learning how to manage the journey.

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How often do you watch porn? And do you watch it to prove to yourself that you can get an erection because you’re upset about the situation? Because if you do I guarantee you the porn is desensitizing you and making it worse.


Ths is exactly what I do. I get down about having psychological ED issues, and then turn to porn to de-stress or prive to yself that I can still get hard.

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