Improved morning wood

Ever since I’ve been repeating exercises daily/weekly, I’ve noticed my morning wood has been consistent. Like everyday I would wake up rock hard.
Small win, thought I would share


That’s awesome! Keep it up, I’m sure you’ll see results during sex too.

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Me too! It’s mad! I’ve only done a few phases, but I’m consistently hard of a morning now, makes me feel so good!


Same here. :eggplant:

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Me to… :saluting_face:

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Hi all - what exercises do you think are helping with the morning glory ?

Do all as recommended.
Kegel and box brewthing daily
Reverse kegel and soft penis pleasuring 3 times weekly

I also do the therapeutic ones a week

It’s important to stay consistent. And never miss a day


Agree with @elated-brown-hedgehog consistently is key. All the exercises work on different things. I have also found looking at making better dietary choices, drinking plenty of water daily and improving my sleep habits. Our bodies produce testosterone while we sleep and our morning woods happen in our REM cycle.
Really work on getting good sleep guys. It really helps you so much.