I'm feeling totally lost

I get so worked about sex I cannot get it up. I’m nervous and fearful I’m going to lose my girlfriend. I am at my end. Beyond struggling and crushed to nothing. I can’t go on like this.


Take a step back, breath a little. I’ve been where you are, focus on some mindfulness, remember it’s normal to be nervous and know that you’re not the only guy in the world to go through this.
Talk through your feelings with a close friend (or even your partner if they’re the understanding type), getting it off your chest is the first step.
You’ve got this bro, relax and trust the process :muscle:t2:

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Very much appreciated. My girl still in a phase where she don’t understand and doesn’t like to talk about it much. She just says we gotta fix this. Added pressure I know. Just reaching out here helped. I appreciate it alot so thank brother