I wish my brain was this powerful in other ways

For the past 2 years it seems my mind is doing everything it can to distract me from being “me” in bed. One weird sound, smell, or even movement in the wrong way immediately takes me out of the mood and I’m stuck battling myself inside my head. I just got this app and seeing that I’m not the only one as well as some of the myth debunkers I’ve read along with that box breathing method is truly helping already. If only my one was this strong for positive things lol


I meant I wish my brain was this strong for positive things

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I’m in the same situation as you. I’m new to the app. It’s been a week. I think I’m already noticing a slight difference but it’s too early to tell. I haven’t had sex with my partner yet but I think I feel different when I masturbate. The breathing helps, I definitely feel a difference with the kegels. I think the negative thought exercise are my main issue so I’m trying to stick with it. I’m trying to stay positive.

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