I think I’m cured!

This entire month I have been waking up with boners and I’m about to get ROCK HARD ercetions again from just my imagination! I can’t wait to fuck my girl. However I think I’m having too much fun I’ve been masturbating daily after battling with PE and ED for the better part of 2 years me and my girlfriend are also long distance so I only have sex around once a month in anticipation for boning my girl I’ve been beating it everyday I don’t want me to get ED again I’m 23 and I’ve had ED since I broke up with my ex girlfriend I’m so afraid of me getting ED again


Maybe it would be helpful to re-wire your thinking. Your inner critic is currently saying something like, “You’ll get ED again. You won’t be able to have sex. Your issues will come back.”

As they say in the course, challenge those thoughts with your inner coach/cheerleader, who is probably saying something like, “We got through a period of ED before, and if we need to, we know that we can get through it again.” Your consistent boners are a sure sign that things are working, so let that build your confidence and decrease your stress!