I never knew I had death grip

Thought I’d share this revelation I’ve just had as a start to guided masturbation part of the process.
I always thought that death grip was when you couldn’t cum from sex because you’ve gripped too hard on your dick while wanking.
One problem I’ve always had is that during sex I’d lose my boner if the way in which the vagina felt wasn’t stimulating me in a certain way. It’s hard to explain but if the feeling of sex didn’t ’hit the spot’ then I’d lose my boner. This was something that was really common for me if I’m having sex for the second time in quick succession or during morning sex. As soon as I felt that feeling my inner critic would take over and then we all know that downward spiral. I’ve now just learnt that this is a form of death grip and I feel so dumb for never making the connection. If the vagina was not mimicking the exact sensation of my hand then I’d feel turned off and lose my boner. Crazy…I’ve just cried a little from writing this hahaha.


I’m OP and I’d also like to add that the boner I was losing was only as a result of tadalafil so if you’re reading this and thinking ‘oh well at least he can get boners’, no I can’t :joy: not yet anyway…the healing process has only just begun


Gives me hope. This is exactly what I’m going through.


I’m going through this too, what does it mean? How do we get the sensitivity back?