I’m 21 - single with occasional 1 nights. Usually fail getting it up first time

Im 21, never really get morning wood and feel I have 0 libido unless im next to a girl. even then usually takes me a couple failed attempts at getting it up.
I feel I now preempt I am going to fail at getting it up first try and am ready to say sorry and blame it on drinking too much (really I’m just barely tispy at best)
Not sure if this is a mindset thing or something else underlying to do with libido and sex drive?

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Are you physically fit? This is your peak age when it comes to fitness, if you’re not in a good shape, start working on it - and never stop. I don’t necessarily mean muscles, I mean low fat and agility. Are you also mentally healthy? Check symtomps of depression. How much stress do you have in general? Lots of stress really brings down libido no matter what age. If you have any problems (be it work, school or family), work to solve them, don’t just think about it but act with specific, fast and easy steps. That said don’t be too hard on yourself, you’re a young guy. Do you have any friends? If not, start meeting people even if it’s awkward. When you meet enough people, eventually some of them will stay in your life. Don’t be afraid to let go people you don’t feel good with. Don’t be afraid to be disliked, it’s okay and just a part of life. Focus on yourself, forget everything that school or parents told you about how you’re supposed to behave.