Any luck with supplements

Has anyone tried any supplements to help with erection quality? I’m 21, don’t get morning wood but I can get it up for my gf. My libido is non existent when I’m not with her.

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L-citrulline malate 1-2 hours before intercourse. Panax ginseng for a daily supplement. That will help with erection quality. And cardio workouts.

That being said, libido issues (as different from erection issues) at 21 might suggest either depression, low t, or physical illness. Have you tested your testosterone levels? Unless you are in a situation that is so stressful or something that it explains the libido loss, you may want to get a check up. You deserve to feel horny!

Hey; thanks for the advice. My test levels have been checked and turned up normal for my age (22.4 nmo/L). I do lift weights three times a week and I’m beginning to incorporate running 5k once a week.

I used to watch a lot of porn since age 12, been quitting on and off for years and I’ve really took a hold of quitting this year. Maybe it could be the porn. Idk. Just don’t really have a sex drive unless my girl is around. I feel weird cos I’m so young