I just wish I could go longer. Any tips?

Long term relationship. No trouble getting and staying hard. I’m very attracted to her and I can rock the bedroom for a good few mins. But then just when I’m getting a good groove going, I hit the point of no return - or I try slowing up a bit and going down on her or something to take to focus off me, but usually it’s too late and as soon as I go back in, I finish. I joined this app just because I want to f**k longer! And though she’s very sweet and denies it, I can tell she wants that too. My friend says mindfulness is key. But I guess I have trouble with that. I’ve had this before in past relationships, but typically within a couple months I feel in control. It’s been 5 years now and I just can’t hold it together with the woman I plan to marry. Has anyone seen positive results in this specific area?

Similar issues here, have used the app for a couple weeks and already seeing improvements. Stick with the exercises and keep an open mind. You’ve got this.


Reverse kegels

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