I had an epiphany

Hey guys, I’m here to share my latest experience. I found the soft pleasure penis exercise ultra-weird and even painful from all the uncomfortable feelings I had. I got through it though, and I tried the same thing with my partner and it was even more uncomfortable to be soft during foreplay but I stayed in that moment for a bit and saw that I did not die. Literally. And I had one of the greatest sex recently afterwards.
We gotta face our fears and we gotta do it a lot.


Yeah, i’ve been in a long term relationship. In the early years (teenage) my partner would just play with my soft dick - it’s a pretty ridiculous organ at the end of the day - she would gently pick it up and then let it go and it would land with a “thud” that was really funny or she would spin it around like a rope from the base or just gently tickle …… it was a nice thing which we haven’t done in years - somehow morphed in to needing to be hard to be touched. This has not been a good thing in hindsight.

So yeah, you penis is part of you weather hard or soft and it’s nice to be touched there in either state

Keep it up (ha ha no pun intended!)

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Fear is the mind killer. Awesome you faced it.