Soft play became hard play 🤭

So I did the soft penis exercise. By the end of it, I was hard. None of the guidance said this was ok (and in fact the expert said to begin again if you got hard) but I was at the 10-minute mark so I took the opportunity to have a wank. Probably shouldn’t have done but the urge took over. Still struggled to stay hard though so I am not where I want to be…far from it as staying hard is my problem, not getting hard! Anyone else have a crafty one?

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Same here :upside_down_face: Staying hard still the problem.

Oh yeah ! The first few times after the timer ended I went on to wank - felt good too! But the aim of the soft play I reckon is actually to begin to get more comfortable with being soft and appreciating your body even when not hard.

I do feel now that I don’t get hard as soon as I touch myself so I have to use more imagination and different touches on my body to get aroused as much - not sure this a good thing or not at this stage!

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