I keep getting hard during soft penis pleasuring

Every time I do soft penis pleasuring I get hard. It’s not always 100% rigid enough for inter course, but i definitely feeI like I’d be able masturbate with it or receive oral sex.

I feel like I’m doing it wrong because this keeps happening. Since it’s one of the first exercises in the whole course, I don’t want to have a weak foundation or anything for my recovery.

Does anyone have some advice?

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It feels like you have 100% control with no pressure to go beyond that. The moment the end goal feels forced that’s, gone.

Could you explain a bit more? I don’t understand.

I’m in exactly the same situation and of course the one critic fires up telling me I’m even doing this wrong!

I’ve been continuing with the exercise to the end, one time straight through and one time pausing the instructions to get soft again.

One thought is that perhaps the female voice is subconsciously making the situation sexual for me. Next time I’m going to read the instructions and then just set a timer.

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If you read the written instructions, they say that you should pause if you get hard and wait until your erection goes away before restarting the clock and the fiddling.

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