Soft pleasuring - did this help you?

I’m working through the soft pleasuring exercises at the moment. I’m not sure if I just don’t get it, or if I don’t really suffer from the issue it’s trying to resolve. For those that found it useful, what did it actually do? I’m currently struggling to see what it’s really doing and I end up spending more time thinking “what is this achieving” rather than thinking about my penis or erections or anything like that. I also find the statement “take this time to work on your erections” quite confusing. Isn’t the point of the exercise not to be erect?

Hi there, thanks for your really excellent question and I’m sorry that you have found the soft penis pleasuring exercise unclear. I’m part of the Mojo member support team and I’d love to see if I can help at all.

The aim of soft penis pleasuring is to become more familiar and comfortable with your penis while it is soft. For a lot of men experiencing psychological erection issues it can be really common to watch your erection closely, and any sign of softening to trigger a flight or fight response. However, it is perfectly normal for the strength of your erection to vary during sex, and soft penis pleasuring can help you become more comfortable with this.

It’s definitely a very new experience for most men, and I’d encourage you to approach the exercise with a sense of openness and curiosity. Take time to notice what thoughts and feelings come into your head while you examine your penis. does your inner critic pop up at all? How do you feel about your penis when it is soft? There are no correct answers for this, and as you repeat the exercise you may notice that the idea of your penis being soft may trigger different emotions.

I hope that is helpful and if you would like to talk further please feel free to reach out.

When do we stop soft penis pleasuring? Do you keep doing it forever?

You’ve got the full mileage from soft penis pleasuring once you feel totally comfortable with your soft penis. If you follow the Mojo program, you progress to different behavioral techniques after a few repeats of soft penis pleasuring.

However, some people find that they want to keep up the compassionate relationship with their penis. In these cases, they can show it some respect when they shower, or say an affirmation now and then. Here’s a community conversation with lots of example affirmations for your body and penis if that’s something you’d like to consider:

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