I failed today!

I’ve been after this sweetie for a couple months. Finally got her to meet.
She was running very late
I had a ton of things to do.
My brother kept texting my wife’s location
I was Hungry
I took cialis the day before
Popped a viagra in the morning.
Still wasn’t working. So I injected trimix.
Nothing happened. It’s been several hours and still no erection
Limp noodle
I’m 47 she is 26 beautiful .
I freakin failed.
I do not condone what I did. I’m experimenting.
I’m questioning do I like 50yr old fat women subconsciously



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Sounds like the real failure was trying to cheat on your wife


Searching for a connection like this, will always lead to heartache and the feeling of regret… looking for outside validation is not the key, it is internal validation you need to seek. Don’t Cheat… Its not worth it…