I cant make my girl cum through penetration only

My girl doesnt cum even though I keep going for 20 mins. I have to use my hand to make her cum. Is it normal?

It’s totally normal, according to my listening to years of LoveLine with Dr Drew. My wife uses a vibrator when we have sex because she can’t cum from penetration alone or with just a vibrator. When we use both however, she usually cums multiple times per session. Some girls can’t cum at all so I’d say be glad yours can and let her do it however she needs to.


Yes this is totally normal. Many need more clitoral (and other areas) stimulation by hand, oral or different positions to get stimulation as needed.

Despite the impression, there is no “failure” here it’s anatomy and individual preferences and it’s all ok.


I’m not exactly an authority as the woman i’m going to marry is my only partner ever so take my words with a grain of salt. I am told it’s normal and i make her orgasm with oral during foreplay this also makes her tight as a vice so kind of a win win.


Totally normal. In fact I’d say it’s rarer and there are very few women that can cum from penetration alone.
That said, it is far from impossible. My partner also struggles from simple penetration, but the situation and all round experience is where her mind can be teased into letting her cum. Instructions, dirty talk, bit of nipple play or gentle hair pulling (consensual of course).
Toys or Hand and mouth is the best way for most, but some added pressure to her clit at the right time whilst hitting the sweet spot for her can be all it needs. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to cum together.

It is very normal, I haven’t exactly been with loads of people but your partner will potentially have a spot that is extremely sensitive inside that is reachable. If they are ok with you exploring with your fingers you may be able to find it, I’ve only ever found it with my current partner, and once I found it with my fingers we managed to find a position that meant I could hit that every time. Exploring may help you find the magical spot. I can make my partner cum from penetration every time now, providing I don’t finish first. On the other hand, I can’t ever cum from anything other than penetrative sex, blowjobs and handjobs are a no go for me.