Can only cum from penetration

I’ve had an issue the entire time I’ve been sexually active and it does frustrate me as well as my partners. I can only seem to cum from penetrative sex, I don’t seem to have any major issues with that, we even worked out a position where I can make her cum every time.

The issue is that I can’t ever cum from handjob or blowjob, all my partners have tried but no one has ever succeeded. It makes them feel bad as it does myself, they have never had these issues before and no one can seem to finish me. Don’t get me wrong it feels nice but I don’t even get close.

My current partner spent a good half an hour down there and nothing. We then switched position and I climbed on top for some missionary and when I was inside I was able to finish easily.

Hopefully some of you guys may have some tips or steps I can give a try.

I’ve always had the same problem. I came once from a blow job when I told the girl I was seeing that I have never been able to get off other than penetration. She took it as a challenge and won. That was the only time though. Not to diminish your situation but I wish that was my only sexual problem now. lol

I can cum from handjobs but I’ve only finished from a blowjob once in my entire life. I really wish I could get there from a BJ because the one time I did, it was the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced. I am not sure what it was about that particular experience that worked, other than being about 20 years younger and therefore more likely to be turned on. I can finish with penetration every time, so I completely relate.