I cant cum from head

Am i the only one who cant seem to get close to climax when receiving a blowjob. It feel so good but never in my life have i came from a blowjob. Who else is the same, and if anyone has advice, i would greatly appreciate it.


Used to have the same problem, but ever since I have been with my girlfriend I’ve been able too. I guess it could have to do with having to be with someone you’re comfortable with?

Not getting good enough head my friend haha


Super normal for a lot of people

I have the opposite problem I never fail to cum from head but rarely cum from fucking and if I do I cum too fast

The struggle is here too

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I used to be able to when I was in my early 20s. Then something changed and I couldn’t. Now I hardly ever finish at all

Same here. I told this to a girl I was seeing once and she made it her mission to make me cum while blowing me. She succeeded but it was the only time. :man_shrugging:

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Something that helps significantly increase my stimulation is to have the partner touch other parts of my body while giving head. If my partner is rubbing or teasing my other erogenous zones like nipples, the rim of the ass, the inside of the thighs or the scrotum, and I focus on the sensations in those areas while getting sucked, my pleasure gets significantly heightened.

Yeah I can’t either