Hypnosis or other non conventional treatments

Wondering if anyone has thought or tried any non-conventional treatments, such as hypnosis, using a penis pump (to just get physically hard), PRP for the P shot, herbal medication, creams for PE or if any creams for DE, Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy, penis rings, acupuncture,…let us know if it did or did not work

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I’ve been doing the research on all the alternative medicines you’re asking about and have only played around with the penis rings.
I definitely suggest playing around with them while masturbating to get the right ring size.
I’ve used natural supplements as well like L-arginine, Maca, ashwaganda, and ginseng with only achieving more sexual desire and drive but no help in penis function

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Hypnosis - tried it once (no major change after) then the pandemic hit and i have been meaning to go back as i could see it working w me - on a similar note i am intrigued by mdma/ecstasy therapy

Shockwave - did it, expensive and no impact. Kinda funny and awkward getting the sessions w the nurse!

P shot - i decided not to do it but thought abt it - it seemed more invasive and experimental than shockwave

Botox - thought abt it but didnt do

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so u place the penis ring before u start to masturbate…sorry never used one. and then you have more sensation? or ? does the girl feel the ring? she’s a new girl and very vanilla, first i’ll see how it feels masturbating and then try it w her…

i’m looking into hypnosis…I download this self hypnosis audio for ED…let’s see how it goes…the rest I haven’t tried.

I’ve only used the rings a few times. My wife
fees awkward when she is part of the learning curve with something like a penis
rings so I figured a test run while masturbatungbwas the best option. I found out it was best to get at least mostly hard before putting the ring on. I got 2 different sets of 3(both stretchable rubber) so to figure out the best size I found the one that added adequate pressure without strangling my penis too tight.
My wife said she couldn’t tell it was on during sex.

@circular-turquoise-porpoise was it comfortable for you? Where do you buy them?

I bought them on an online sex toy store called Lovehoney. I found the ring comfortable and definitely helpful in maintaining an erection. I definitely don’t want to have to rely on it every time but it good assistants when needed

How do the sizes work when ordering? How do I know what size to order?

Hypnosis worked very well for me, but only because it taught me how to practice more mindfulness and work through mental blocks. Mojo is much the same in this regard which is why I’m continuing this type of treatment here. Hypno is a good way to tap into your subconscious and work through past trauma, but it is not a cure for erections on demand.

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I had around 6 or 7 sessions with a hypnotherapist and found no improvement.