First Time Getting Help


My entire life I have never been able to achieve an errection when in the bedroom and am still a virgin. I have tried multiple forms of ED medication and none of these had any effect. I also tried pumps, hypnotherapy, working out consistently and changing my diet. These things also didn’t change anything. This app is my last hope to fix my issue before looking at getting penile surgery. I’m really excited to get stuck into this course and I’m hopeful that it will help solve my problem

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Hi R. Really sorry to hear that. Are you able to get hard by yourself, and what turns you on?

I’m able to get hard by myself. I have certain fantasies and desires. They are more focused on me though and not on a partner, if that makes sense.

It makes sense. It’s normal if you never had the opportunity to really explore your sexuality with a partner till now. I wish you the best. I hope this app will help you!

Have you ever thought about doing something a little out of your comfort zone like being tied up? Maybe the sensation of giving up control will wake something up In your Johnson and grapes that you didn’t know was there before :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::muscle:t3::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::muscle:t3: