What have you tried to help your ED?

Hey lads,
I’m interested in hearing everything you’ve tried to help your ED.
I’ve only recently developed ED and have of course gone down the Google rabbit hole of all the ‘treatments’ and things you can try.

I personally have tried, blood tests (Dr gave the all clear) going off porn cold turkey, no alcohol, no smoking, no drugs, regular exercise, and finally…viagra.
The viagra worked like a charm for about 6 months…then I had one bad night where even with a huge dose I still couldnt perform and now I’m right back where I started and the viagra doesn’t seem to work almost at all.

What have you tried? Weird, wonderful, crazy…I don’t care…lets hear it.

I have had ED for a very long time. I have tried cock rings, all the meds with 50 mg Viagra working the best, but only for oral. A couple years ago I started using the Trimix shot which always works amazing for full long penatration sessions, but sometimes there is bruising from the shot, and I hate taking shots. It really kind of sucks to have to pause the moment to go draw up the shot, let it warm up and then shoot it into your penis to have sex. That being said, I’ll take the shot over no sex any day. There is some kind of wave therapy that you have to have done at a Dr, office but I have not tried that. I just joined Mojo about a month or so ago and am going to give this a good go to see if it helps. Good luck with your progress and welcome to the community.