Please tell me there is hope

I’m posting this just to get some encouragement. Anything positive! I’m in a dark place with this limp dick of mine. It’s controlling my life. I think all day about how I can’t perform. I don’t even want to get close to sex because I know the outcome. But I’m sooo lonely I want a partner in the worst way. The last three women I’ve had sex with or attempted to all left me. They of course let me down easy and gave me an excuse why. But I know exactly why. I can’t even take pills to help me out anymore. I could preform with my ex wife because I was comfortable and I rarely wasn’t able to get going and get off. Now it’s like I’ve got no hope to have that comfort again because I can’t get past the first night! I just started talking to the woman of my dreams and I’m so stressed out knowing when the time comes she’s gonna be let down like the rest. I don’t know how to get out of this!

Dude - I have so been there. I’m on this app to see if there is a way to conquer psychogenic ED. But, off the app, I use Trimix - which is an injection. I only learned about it a few years ago and this is what I would say about it - ESPECIALLY for a guy in your situation (and I have been there exactly in the same place).

  1. The shot really doesn’t hurt. It’s weird at first - just the idea of it. But it becomes a no big deal pretty quickly.

  2. Once you get your dose correct - it absolutely works. And you will have sex like a porn star. It literally is like going from futility with a limp dick to being a super hero.

  3. It is pretty easy to do such that your partner will not know.

  4. If it is a long term relationship, better to tell them sooner than later. For a bunch of reasons.

Sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear. Lots of people freak out about the idea of shot. But - it really, really works. And can help you get out of the despair you are in.

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Man thanks! I’ll def look into it. Are the side affects horrible? I don’t have a problem opening up and talking about it to a woman eventually. But no woman wants to hear my excuses on the second date… I’ve been driving myself crazy over this. I’ve actually gotten worse knowing that my problem is mental and not physical. Like my brain will over power those pills now. Before I got on here I just thought I was. Unlucky and had a physical problem at a young age so when I took a pill I expected it to work and it did. I really feel like if I can get to a comfortable situation with this or a woman I can work though it. But the anxiety of that first night in bed or the second night because I blamed the first one of my 4 or 5 excuses I have made up. I have to get past that point… Thank again for telling me I’m not alone. That helps too. I hate being in this place and just pray that I could just be what I think is normal. I try to tell myself that there are more people than I think that have my problem. I hope we can all get there one day!

Hey, just read this and I’ve been curious about trimix. Have you been able to discontinue it from your work on this app? Genuinely curious. I’ve heard good things about trimix, but also concerned that it might be a “point of no return.”

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