ED meds success?

Has anyone had any success with ED meds? I know there is a couple out there…Viagra that will last for 4-5 hours and another one that lasts up to 36 hours. Just wondering if anyone can recommend either?

I have tried Viagra and found that it kept me about 80% hard for intercourse but it felt like my penis kinda went numb and so I wasnt able to get enough sensation and rhythm to be able to cum.
Another bad side effect for me was that the viagra raised my body temp so I was flushed, sweaty, banging headache and affected my colour vision where colours kinda looked dull, washed out and less vibrant.

Yes - I have a low libido, and often struggle to get aroused enough to stay hard for long. I bought Kamagra Jelly (little sachets that you eat about 30 mins before sex). I’ve found them incredibly effective and honestly it makes me feel like a porn star. Rock hard the entire time (a little bit of face flushing and a head rush but no major side effects for me). The biggest downside, is that now I’ve become psychologically reliant on it and worry that I couldn’t have sex without it. So just be mindful of that if you start taking ED meds


I tried Cialis daily (5mg) in combination with Mojo amd have seen improvement. Didn’t have any side effects.

I’d suggest checking out ‘hims’, I’ve used their tadalafil daily for a while and it’s been incredibly helpful for confidence and has been almost completely effective for me. I’m using this app in the hope I won’t be permanently dependent on it.

Definitely have to say Cialis.

Viagra worked but had horrible side effects for me.

Cialis is even better. My only recommendation would be start at the 10mg and go up or down accordingly.

Is that the one that you take daily?

Have you had any side effects?

No side effects with a 8.5mg daily dose

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Same here. I know the root to my ed/sex anxiety was pornography and masterbating. But then i quit i am not able to 3 months clean from porn addiction snd i started taking “honey packs” and its gotten me back my confidence because it just gets me rock bard solid for up to 2 days. Even after i cum i can keep fucking. But i do also feel like i need it everytime i have sex. But honestly one step at a time, before i couldnt even get aroused or had any sex drive. Me and my girl had problems due to me not being able to fuck. But she didnt quit on me and we lately been having good sex again.

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Yeah, 5mg daily.
But there’s also a ‘when needed tablet’ that you take prior to sex.

Cialis is really good… but I’m backing off, because Mojo is working…very well for me…
I’ve never used viagra… but I hear it causes headaches and stuff…
Actually… there is a group of us guys who all realised we were using ED meds…, and it’s been good to talk about this stuff… ( a bit odd) but good that we are in similar situations…

But also… (I don’t know if there are other threads about this…)

Cock rings are really good… I know we’re supposed to be going “au naturelle” with Mojo… and I say again it’s working well…….but if you get the right ones… Cock rings boost confidence… drug free and… fun and a bit …. Interesting… my girlfriends have never been fazed by them… and you can get ones with a vibrator built in… fun all round…
They can keep it erect, and help a bit with ejaculation control…
There are lots of different ones and they don’t all fit or have the right “elasticity” but I like them. You can even get them is ASDA.

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