How to perform Senate exercise?

I’m stuck at the senate exercise since week, doing it doesn’t give me any feel but rather feels awkward in the moment. Any help if you’ve done it successfully?


Hey, the excercise is to help you focus on touch and how that feels. Don’t worry if it’s not turning you on or if it’s not otherwise pleasurable. The whole thing is to help you focus on how things feel rather than ‘is this getting me/keeping me hard?’. It’ll feel weird at first, as do a few of the exercises here. Hope that helps.


Just to add, its practical use in the bedroom would be to help navigate your mind away from just what’s happening between your legs and to bring the focus on to the sensations everywhere else. I find it helps a lot in the moment.

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Senate exercise?

They meant “sensate”

Starting sensate focus can seem very strange. It is not meant to be arousing (although it can be sometimes), you don’t have to look forward to it. It will begin to inform you about your body and especially your thoughts. Just touch out of curiosity, if your mind wanders come back to temperature, pressure, type of touch TPT. It helps to build up your ability to stay in the moment - when your thoughts wander - they will - just draw them back to the part of the body you are touching. Take mental notes and try it again in a few days. Then when you move onto other exercises you will be better at noticing thoughts and also how your body feels with touch. : )


Tried this last night (level 1) with my wife. It was a bit weird at the start, but we got into it. It was really good focusing on touch and sensation rather than what it would lead to. This also removed the expectation and we both relaxed and enjoyed it. I got hard to start with but then it faded as I knew we wouldn’t go anywhere with it. We weren’t bothered though. Looking forward to trying again.