How do you perform senate exercise?

I’ve been stuck on the senate exercise from a while now and not able to make progress on this app. It doesn’t feel anything just like I’m touching my skin. And no feels. No improvement in my head. How do you do it?

Focus on those sensations on your skin, do you like them? You might not get hard or sexually aroused, but the point of the exercise is to re-teach your brain about the hood sensations you could feel through touch in different parts of your body. What I’ve been doing, is also applying that knowledge when I masturbate, so my brain can also relate touch, with some sexual pleasure.

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I agree with the first response, I think its a very common thing (that I experienced also) to worry about not getting hard during sensate focus, or to imagine that its supposed to be this incredibly sensual thing. It’s about trying different styles of touch with yourself and seeing what you like. For example, tracing the outline of your chest or stomach with your fingers. Maybe it doesn’t cause massive pleasure, but do you enjoy it? The warm and almost tingly sensation of being caressed. Or just simply resting your hand on your shoulder for a moment, or gently tapping your finger down your arm. Even just tracing along your collar bone. It’s about testing different styles of touch whether they feel warm, tickle, feel tingly, or anything else, and doing that across your body to retrain your brain to appreciate the sensations your whole body can experience rather than always focusing on just penis pleasure.