How to overcome and not thinking about erections anymore

Hey guys, since February I took some erection pills but I didn’t need them. And there was one time I couldn’t get a boner I think maybe too tired and stuff and it was without pill, there were days I used them and days I didn’t use them. Now Im on a cycle in my head and it happens more often, the doctor also said it’s probably psychological. And there are some weeks it’s great and it gets hard and stays hard like it used to be but there are weeks it’s hard to just get a boner and excitement in sex, and when I get a boner it’s gone in a few minutes or seconds. It’s the absolute opposite of who I am. So do you guys think I need to use erection pills again but small doses? And can someone relate to this? (Sorry for my English guys)

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By the way I’m pretty young (24) and never had any erection problems in my life

It sounds as though you are getting increasingly anxious around getting hard. This is normal, it is almost as though you ‘gave yourself a fright’ and now worry about it which takes the pleasure away. Mojo will really help you understand what is going on and how to get out of your head and back into the enjoyment, whilst building your confidence.


Thank you for your message and time, I’m 2 days in my MOJO journey and I really hope I can get back to normal, mental and physical.

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I’ve mentioned this in another thread. I think pills boost my confidence… but maybe I don’t really need them…
it’s working on my sexual confidence and relaxation… I’m sure is the way forward. I still choose pills some days… but I’m sure success is within.

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Yeah same goes for me, 2 weeks ago I didn’t have any pills and i had an awesome week. It was getting hard when I was at work, at the movies with a girl, afterwards we had great sex and I was living in the moment. A week later it was back in my head and I can barely have an erection in overall because it is really messing with my health in my head and body. I’m very healthy man, I’ll do sports, do not drink or smoke. And I always had the best erections, even after I came my dick stayed hard for about 20 minutes! That’s me, that’s who I’m, now it’s the complete opposite. I wish you good luck brother and may we find a solution to our problem