How to increase sex drive?

Anyone have any tips around improving sex drive? Mines been low lately and I think that’s probably affecting me performance.


Im here dealing with the same issues. Would love some help here too

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hi all — no silver bullets here, but maybe a silver lining?

my libido was really low a few months ago, and i found that exercise really helped. doing higher-intensity things like lifting helped me feel more confident and get my blood flowing; lower-impact things like stretching and yoga (both of which i am awful at) helped me reconnect my brain and my body. i found that feeling a bit more comfortable in my skin helped me focus more on wanting my girlfriend rather than browbeating myself. i’m not a huge fitness guy, but just a little activity has been a huge help for me, at least.


Do you have a lot of stress in your life? I’m still going through a divorce and have a very stressful job and am convinced that this is directly linked to my ED and low libido. Counselling is helping me to learn to relax and find time for myself. Good luck with everything.

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I had the same problem, for me i knew where it came from. It was from guilt, i had a porn addiction and would masterbate 3-5 a week even w having sex. I was ashamed and embarrassed that i would masterbate and searched for naked girls rather than my own girl who is so fine, pretty face w an hour glass body, fattest ass. But i was so addicted to porn, it was a hole i dig too deep and couldn’t get out. Thats were my ed started and the repetitive of failed erections while trying to have sex w her shot down my sex drive. I didnt want to have sex at all because of how disappointing it was for me to not get hard and i was in a dark place in my relationship that we had days where we would just not understand each other anymore and it was breaking us apart. There was one day, the beautiful girl who i have now been with 4 years, almost broke up w me because of how sick and tired she was of me keep fumbling and not being able to get hard for sex. Thats where my dark truth came out, i had a porn addiction and i was masterbating behind her back. I then quit cold turkey, we had a break from sex for about a month. Went on a trip not thinking ill have sex and try to understand and recover from a almost heart break and one thing let to another. I couldn’t keep my hands off of her and we had incredible hotel sex that day. My sex drive was back, and ever since i been eating healthier and doing more cardio w weight training and its really boosted my sex drive. I lost 12 pounds and much healthier and clean from porn addiction and masterbation for abouth 2 1/2 months now. Eat clean, drink water, push weight and ride a bike/go on hikes/ play basketball whatever to get some cardio in, itll help.

Sounds good man… confidence is a winner…
I was amazed how weight training improved my sex drive … even though I was tired in myself and my body…. my cock was ready to rock… I’m assuming it’s testosterone or something… but exercise and anything to build confidence is good…
thanks for sharing…

A lot of the above responses resonate for me also.

Low libido and ED problems here. Had a really stressful job and some life stressors also. Keep focusing on work and helping others and neglected myself for years. Everything was a list and hard a time urgency to it including sex and masturbation.
Now I am finally working on myself which hopefully will help with my libido and ED.

Started some physical exercises cardio/weight, yoga, meditation and the exercises on here which so far are helping. I am learning to be just a kind to myself