How to get an erection without touching yourself

Hey do you guys know how to get an erection without touching yourself? I could do a body scan of my genitals, I could look at an attractive girl and then do a body scan, I could think about something sexual and then do a body scan? I could focus on a image of a attractive girl.

I felt like this was key to my success in resolving my issue. I practiced mindfulness meditation where I lay down naked and focused on my breathing with my eyes closed to reduce distractions. I paid attention to the way my body felt, and after a couple of minutes I drew my attention to my genitals, and literally thought about getting an erection. No worries, just thought about getting hard. I could feel my penis start to grow and I literally just focused on how it would feel to get it hard. Sometimes moving my hips would help maintain it. Sometimes I would think of something sexual as well, but generally I remained focused on how hard I was and after I could maintain that for several minutes, I found it easier and easier to do.

YMMV, but I found cutting out porn and masturbation for a few weeks to be really helpful in this process as well. I was able to focus more on myself, and quiet my mind, and focus on how my whole body and genitals were feeling instead of relying on the external sensations, sights and sounds from porn that I had learned to need for sexual stimulation.


Yes exactly what the other guy said. I myself am struggling to get an errection without visual stimulation and quitting porn is harder than it seems but when i do go without for a week i notice the difference. My issue now is cutting out porn!!